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Hello!  I'm John.  I'm a drummer & musician from Manchester (UK) and I love to get involved in all sorts of projects.  

I've played with prog, folk, funk, pop, rock, blues, electronica, math-rock, country and disco bands over the years so I'm always looking for a new challenge. 

Get in touch if you'd like to talk to me about playing on a record or coming to jam with you live.  I also do drum teching and recording/mixing/mastering.

@TheDrumTamer: "I won't be there this year sadly, but if you're going to @ATGFestival chuck some money in a bucket for Dan's treatm…"
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Spent today doing FOH on one of the stages at the brand new and awesome Cotton Clouds festival, tag teaming it with @cal_bate.

Now finished my stage and watching the close out of The Sugar hill gang, whilst two of my favourite pros (@edd_cr0ft on lights and @subpressurestudios on FOH) get on it.

#cottonclouds #foh #audio


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Facebook page imageIt was the first ever Cotton Clouds Festival yesterday up at Saddleworth Cricket Club and it was absolutely brilliant, what a lovely festival with some great music. I was on rotating... 13th Aug 2017 08:44
Facebook page imageBit of a first for me yesterday in that I was on FOH in a bleedin' cinema! The beautiful Savoy in Heaton Moor, Stockport for a Blossoms acoustic... 12th Aug 2017 10:27