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Hello!  I'm John.  I'm a drummer & musician from Manchester (UK) and I love to get involved in all sorts of projects.  

I've played with prog, folk, funk, pop, rock, blues, electronica, math-rock, country and disco bands over the years so I'm always looking for a new challenge. 

Get in touch if you'd like to talk to me about playing on a record or coming to jam with you live.  I also do drum teching and recording/mixing/mastering.

@TheDrumTamer: "@joelazinheaven @Thumpermonkey_ This is top. Made me smile!"
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Was desperate to play drums after getting back from the USA tour, so I set this up in my office so I could lay down some beats in-between emails.  Flipping the snare over and playing the reso/snares side with hands and sticks is always tonnes of fun.  Need to make a video of it soon.

Off down to Wembley stadium tonight ready for Blossoms load in tomorrow morning (supporting Stone Roses) so I had to get a bit of noise in beforehand.

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Facebook page imageAll set up now for tonight's Blossoms hometown show at Castlefield Bowl in Manchester. Not content with being production manager and drums/keys tech I can now add 'terrible set carpenter' to... 8th Jul 2017 18:03
Facebook page imageGot a couple of audio mastering jobs on this week, the first for James Gardiner's new EP. I mastered his previous band's record last year so it's really cool... 28th Jun 2017 20:55